*****SPAM***** ***BULK*** Final confirmation

Our MailScanner believes that the attachment to this message sent to you

Subject: ***BULK*** Final confirmation

is Unsolicited Commercial Email (spam). Unless you are sure that this message
is incorrectly thought to be spam, please delete this message without opening
it. Opening spam messages might allow the spammer to verify your email

If you believe that this message has been incorrectly marked as spam, please
forward this email to postmaster.

Date: 20151022
pts rule name description
---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
2.7 DNS_FROM_AHBL_RHSBL RBL: Envelope sender listed in
[listed in IN]
-1.0 ALL_TRUSTED Passed through trusted hosts only via SMTP
3.1 NSL_RCVD_FROM_USER Received from User
4.5 FSL_CTYPE_WIN1251 Content-Type only seen in 419 spam
1.0 MISSING_HEADERS Missing To: header
1.5 BAYES_60 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 60 to 80%
[score: 0.7305]
0.7 FROM_MISSP_USER From misspaced, from "User"
0.8 FSL_NEW_HELO_USER No description available.
1.6 REPLYTO_WITHOUT_TO_CC No description available.
2.5 FSL_MISSP_REPLYTO Mis-spaced from and Reply-to
0.5 MISSING_MID Missing Message-Id: header
1.2 FROM_MISSPACED From: missing whitespace
2.5 TO_NO_BRKTS_FROM_MSSP Multiple formatting errors
1.8 FROM_MISSP_EH_MATCH From misspaced, matches envelope
-6.4 AWL AWL: From: address is in the auto white-list
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